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I wanted to share this quick tip with you about sharing YouTube videos. It has been so useful for me since having recently learned about it myself.

The tip is about a simple piece of information you can append to the URL (web address) of a YouTube video that allows you to link someone directly to a specific point (timecode) in that video.

For example, had I known about this in a previous post I wrote about Google Wave’s on-the-fly translation feature called Rosie, then I could’ve done away with instructions stating, “…If you want to see the demo without sitting through the entire 80 minutes of video, then scrub forward to about time code 1:13:00…” (Yep, the entire video was about an hour and twenty minutes long.)

Instead, I could’ve simply said, “…to see the specific part of the video with the Rosie demo, click here.”

The reason that works, is because I learned that we could all simply have appended the following information to the end of the YouTube video’s URL:

(Where x is a number representing the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively.)

In other words, to get you to the point that is 1-hour, 13-minutes and 5-seconds into the YouTube video that is defined by this link:

(copied directly from the YouTube video page), then all you’d have to do is add #t=1h13m5s to the end of the URL.

What you’d want to share with folks to whom you forward the video, then, would be:

How cool is that?

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